Born from the observation of an ocean of clothing but also from the heritage it constitutes, Renaissance has the ambition to contribute to pointing out a path: a new way of designing clothing and changing the prospects for the luxury industry. It demonstrates a strong commitment to the environment that generates rewarding jobs and a strong message to initiate a shift in mentalities. It is not a question of giving up on dressing well, or even not dressing at all. Collective awareness and a fair and responsible approach consumption, which considers the overall consequences of its purchases, would be sufficient to tip the balance towards a more respectful and less polluting fashionable industry.

Renaissance is based on the creativity of the couture houses, which, each season, they create new models that, little by little, fade into the cloakroom of their owners.

“Renaissance is a stunning and ambitious project that provides an original and creative response to the environmental and societal challenges of our time. » Pascal MORAND

"Renaissance is a very beautiful and ambitious project that brings a an original and creative response to environmental and societal issues
of our time. »





We start from a selection of clothing pieces from luxury ready-to-wear collections from fashion designers or creators, belonging to the wardrobe of very different women. From these chosen pieces of clothing, offered by their owners of the Renaissance project, we design new clothes, “Rebirths”… We start with this suspended moment where the owner tells the history of her clothing, her reason for having it in her dressing room and personal attachment motives. The above messages will be mentioned in the implementation of the project, and photographic work will save the original state of a piece of clothing. The meticulous deconstruction of the garment can then take place. The discovery of its flat volume is the first evocation of inspiration for its reconstruction.




Then comes the style exercise that highlights a new skill of creation.

It implies taking into account the essential constraints in the concept of the garment: wear, architecture, volume, and original design.

Elements obtained after the deconstruction of the garment….

Once the study of the new garment is validated, its realization begins.

This part of the work valorizes the know-how through a design that makes use of sophisticated techniques used in sewing workshops of the Haute Couture houses. The objective is to obtain a final result of exception, presented, during an official evening, to the public.

All these design steps will be carried out by workshops of
insertion sewing, as well as by sewing workshops in the sector
prison, which helps these women and men to find their way back confidence towards the path of employment.

Training, know-how, and valorization are the watchwords of the project Renaissance, for an intelligent and sustainable ecology.