Renaissance made a bet on the Paris suburbs. Convinced that it contains so many talents and creative skills. Renaissance went to look for them with the help of partners located in the neighborhoods of social housing in Ile de France*. These neighborhoods are various but they share specific social weaknesses (single mothers, high rates of young adults dropping out of school, unemployment,…) and employment is an important issue.

Renaissance mobilizes residents of neighborhoods who wish to integrate but who for diverse and singular reasons, fail to access the traditional labor market: because they have no or little qualification or that they have experienced accidents in life, because they have I recently arrived in France or that they had to take care of their children, because they don’t have the network or the codes necessary to access the business world…. Renaissance is associated with associations to give them new hope, an opportunity to become socially integrated and economically functional. The associations le Cercle, la Ressourcerie, Coup de Pouce, ACR and Mode Estime are partners of the Renaissance project. Integration professionals, these structures support people to help them to remove and resolve some employment barriers and work on their professional project. The Fleury-Merogis prison is also part of our collaborators The Renaissance Artistic Director accompanies the people who will each make a garment from A to Z. Supported in the acquisition of know-how in the “haute couture” , this project helps to give these people back self-esteem and confidence in their abilities. It allows people in integration to express their talents in an entirely new way, to value them and contribute to their training Professional. Through this project, Renaissance is betting on a sharing France rather than a cleavage one. Renaissance brings people together around the art and beauty of the rich diversity of people.

* The APES, an association of the Action Logement group which acts on behalf of social enterprises to improve the quality of life on social housing neighborhoods and  (QPV) is a project partner. Sewing workshops in some prisons may also be solicited.