Renaissance is a project supported by a non-profit Association that has two objectives:

  We want to prove that the luxury industry can  contribute to sustainable development by putting an end to the waste and destruction of value represented by clothing forgotten in dressings;

-we want to prove that luxury industry can also promote social reintegration through the know-how and intelligence of the hand.


The project

The project

Renaissance is a project run by a non-profit association that advocates for the reuse of luxury ready-to-wear clothing, with a view to sustainable development, and for the reintegration of people away from employment, which it contributes to train by focusing on the intelligence of the hand. By giving them the de-construction and rebuilding of luxury clothes that are no longer worn, he gives these women and men a second chance.

The fashion industry is the second leading cause of wear on our planet. To stay stylish, we need to create new ways to make and consume fashion.

France is famous for its know-how in haute couture. By deconstructing a piece, we will teach all the techniques to a new generation.

Renaissance only works with reintegration workshops to provide new knowledge and skills that can help people re-enter the workforce.

Elizabeth Tchoungui




Renaissance campaigned for the reuse of the clothes of fashion houses that are no longer doors. She is committed to using the know-how of women and men in insertion workshops. We are all entitled to a new chance. Be Renaissance